“Why The Ocean Matters” booklet

May 16, 2022
NEFIN’s First Sustainability report
June 8, 2022

"Why The Ocean Matters" booklet


Published On: 7 June 2022

NEFIN Group is glad to be able to support the initiative by Matters Academy to work toward the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 14, Life Below Water. The ocean is a big part of our environment and we need to protect it.

The "Why The Ocean Matters" booklet is crafted with the belief in: "The awareness triggers eagerness to the knowledge; The knowledge embarks our action to care."

Link to view digital booklet:
ENG - https://www.slideshare.net/ANewR/why-the-ocean-matters-251920597
CHI - https://www.slideshare.net/ANewR/why-the-ocean-matters

The StoryMap link:
ENG - https://arcg.is/iaKXL
CHI - https://arcg.is/1T4rCb

Blog Post:

For more information, you may visit Matters Academy webpage at https://www.matters.academy/