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June 8, 2020
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St. Paul's College (17 June 2020)

Published On: 17 June 2020

The first phase of the solar energy collaboration project between NEFIN and St. Paul's College (SPC) was successfully launched last week. We are very honoured and excited to be part of this landmark solar PV project where we achieved both environmental contributions and academic credits. NEFIN has successfully installed solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on SPC’s rooftop for the generation of solar energy and to reduce carbon footprints. The solar PV panels will collectively generate 10,400kWh of clean energy per year, offsetting approximately 8,400kg of carbon emissions annually. We hope this collaboration will serve as an inspiration to other schools across the city and lead to more solar energy initiatives among schools in Hong Kong. 第一階段的太陽能發電項目正式啟動,是聖保羅書院及NEFIN共同推動環保教育的里程碑。聖保羅書院是香港第一所與NEFIN合作發展太陽能項目的學府。對於能參與於這個既能貢獻環保又富學術性的太陽能項目,公司深感榮幸及興奮。NEFIN於今年5月中於聖保羅書院校園天台安裝合共26塊的高效能太陽能板,並成功申請政府的上網電價計劃,為推動本港校園的可再生能源發展出一分力。 天台太陽能項目能每年產出約10,400度潔淨能源,即每年減少約8,400公斤二氧化碳排放。我們希望這次的合作能啟發其他本地學校,吸引更多香港學校採用太陽能電池板
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