Speaking at SSV2022 – Solar Show in Vietnam and Asia

NEFIN acquires Guangxi Energy with 50MW of solar PV development capacity from Ciel et Terre
October 26, 2022
October 29, 2022

Speaking at SSV2022 - Solar Show in Vietnam and Asia


Published On: 27 October 2022

Speaking at SSV2022 - Solar Show in Vietnam and Asia

Mr Chong Bor Hung, Head of Business Development and Managing Director (Malaysia), was invited to speak at the Solar Show In Vietnam. He presented NEFIN’s projects at the C&I Solar Project Roadshow in the morning and joined the panel discussion with other reputable speakers on Prospects of Corporate’s Renewable Energy Sourcing in the afternoon. It was an insightful sharing session.

Solar power buying from corporates is one of the hottest issues, as the DPPA is rapidly moving forward in this country. The session gathers a selection of corporate consumers and energy solution providers, who have been involved in this kind of projects, to present on:
· Business models of corporate sourcing and which ones are most feasible in Vietnam
· Which sector of companies in Vietnam will be involved most?
· What challenges corporations and power suppliers will mainly face?
· Any available cost-effective solutions to simplify the transaction procedures?

If you are interested to explore opportunities working with NEFIN to advance the decarbonisation efforts in Vietnam, email to marketing@nefinco.com for an appointment today.