Leading Independent Power Producer, NEFIN, to help generate renewable energy for Celestica facilities in Malaysia

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April 18, 2022
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Leading Independent Power Producer, NEFIN, to help generate renewable energy for Celestica facilities in Malaysia


Published On: 25 April 2022

Leading Independent Power Producer, NEFIN, to help generate renewable energy for Celestica facilities in Malaysia

More than 8,000 combined units of solar panels across two Celestica facilities will generate 95,400MWh renewable energy

Malaysia, 25 April 2022 – The NEFIN Group (NEFIN), is a premium green independent power producer (IPP) offering bespoke carbon-neutral technologies & financing solutions all over the Asia Pacific. With NEFIN’s cutting-edge carbon neutrality solutions, the group is positioned to help generate renewable energy for Celestica’s facilities in Malaysia. In March 2022, NEFIN completed an industrial rooftop solar panel installation for Celestica in Senai. To build on the success, it is now working on a similar project for the Celestica facility in Kulim.

The NEFIN group have collectively delivered over 3,000MW across commercial and industrial renewable energy systems for various industries. The carbon neutrality leader facilitates the process of going green for multi-national companies alike by having positioned themselves as a one-stop turnkey provider across their renewable energy portfolio, with a broad network of local partners across the region.

Mr. Chong Bor Hung, NEFIN Group’s Head of Business Development and Managing Director (Malaysia) says: “We are glad to be able to work closely with the helpful team from Celestica Senai to complete the project in Senai. This project has strict requirements that we had to adhere to and is considered an achievement to both teams despite the challenges faced. NEFIN is committed to achieving carbon neutrality for our regional customers, contributing towards the global decarbonisation efforts.”

Celestica is a leader in high-reliability design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions. The company brings global expertise at every stage of product development – from the drawing board to full-scale production and after-market services. Celestica is committed to being a responsible partner in the communities in which they operate by ensuring they have safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious operating and manufacturing processes. Celestica sources renewable energy for their operations which is currently powered by approximately 60% renewable energy worldwide.

The Senai project that was completed in March 2022 consisted of an industrial rooftop solar panel installation of 5,405 solar panels, that will allow Celestica Senai to generate more than 56,600MWh of renewable energy over 15 years. NEFIN worked closely with the Airport Authority to obtain the construction approval, as the facility is located near the Airport. The installation was required to adhere to the Airport Authority’s requirements for which NEFIN conducted a glare analysis to ensure the prevention of any hindrance to pilots during take-off.

Riding on the burgeoning success of the Senai project, Celestica plans to embark on a new project for its Kulim site. The Celestica Kulim project is targeted to commence in December 2022. The project aims to reduce overall carbon emissions by around 20% for Celestica Kulim. It will involve the installation of more than 3,400 solar panels on the rooftop of the facility, generating a total of 38,800MWh of renewable energy over a period of 15 years.

About NEFIN Group
NEFIN Group is a regional renowned carbon neutrality solutions provider and investor with a bespoke unified energy management platform committed to achieve carbon neutrality for organizations and is backed by AC Energy. Founded by a core management team of DuPont Solar Business, the management team has grown into a well-rounded team of engineers, legal experts, investment bankers and techno-commercial experts with the combined experience of over 40+ years of project development in Asia and 50+ years of engineering experience. NEFIN Group has over 3000MW of utility-scale, commercial, and industrial rooftop solar systems in its combined portfolio regionally. As a strong cohesive team, NEFIN Group is able to offer a comprehensive 360-degree assessment and full-suite of services on socially responsible and commercially viable projects through innovative approaches to technology under its unified energy management platform. NEFIN believes the future of the world is everyone’s responsibility and strives to redefine energy boundaries towards a sustainable future.

Please refer to NEFIN’s website www.nefinco.com for more information and follow us at linkedin.com/company/nefin.

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