Hong Yu Chemical collaborates with NEFIN in renewable energy transition

NEFIN received the Top 10 Clean Energy Contribution Enterprises award
August 30, 2023
September 8, 2023

Hong Yu Chemical collaborates with NEFIN in renewable energy transition


Published On: 1 September 2023

NEFIN has recently entered into a partnership with Hong Yu Chemical Thailand Co., Ltd, an expert in metal fabricated product coatings, specializing in Electrocoating (EDP). The collaboration is centered towards a renewable energy transition. Recognizing the substantial energy consumption involved in their production processes, Hong Yu Chemical aims to adopt more sustainable practices, aligning with their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Hong Yu Chemical is dedicated to upholding its reputation through constant technological advancements and quality enhancements. This dedication extends to delivering unparalleled services to their clients while establishing themselves as a eco-conscious corporation. Their advocacy encompasses the promotion of waste recycling, efficient energy and resource utilization, and reduction of pollutants through prudent raw material usage.

NEFIN supports their vision to be eco-friendly by offering them an alternative energy source. The renewable energy project after completion will generate 665,655 kWh of green electricity per year. They can also enjoy savings of 40 million Thai Baht.

In alignment with Hong Yu Chemical's vision of becoming an environmentally friendly corporation, NEFIN’s renewable energy initiative under development is poised to generate an annual yield of 665,655 kWh of clean electricity. Additionally, this venture will contribute to substantial cost savings amounting to 40 million Thai Baht.

This transition will boost their environmental efforts significantly with a reduction of 321 tons in annual carbon emissions., equivalent to planting of approximately 14,591 trees.

If you're seeking to emulate Hong Yu Chemical's footsteps towards carbon neutrality and environmental preservation, reach out to NEFIN today at marketing@nefinco.com. Our consultants will be happy to guide your corporation in Thailand or across Asia towards a sustainable future.