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11月 20, 2021
12月 10, 2021

Sharing from Amoy Food Limited


Published On: 18 October 2021

Mr. Angus Or, CEO of Amoy Food Limited, and Mr Joe So, Head of Engineering of Amoy Food Limited, shared their thoughts about NEFIN on the set up of the 200+kWp solar PV system which can offset 82,438 kg of carbon dioxide per year emitted, equivalent to planting around 1400 trees.

“It's our pleasure to partner with NEFIN to set up a solar PV system that has helped Amoy Food Limited to reach its sustainability goals. We have implemented several unique features including a real-time optimisation and monitoring system which is able to predict potential issues and inform us when to conduct preventive maintenance.

We hope that our collaboration will raise public awareness about carbon neutrality and build a better future for the Hong Kong community.”