December 1, 2019
Malaysia's photovoltaic system on Disneyland Resort

HK Disneyland Resort

August 9, 2020
Exponential Growth Of Rooftop Solar panel in malaysia

Webinar – Continuing Exponential Growth Of Rooftop Solar

August 27, 2020
impactHK receives 1000 mask donation from renewable energy company malaysia

NEFIN donates 1000 face masks to ImpactHK

September 12, 2020
Solar photovoltaic industry Business Association general meeting manufacturers

太陽光電同業商業公會 會員大會

September 12, 2020
MWA Website award for Nefin the renewable energy company in malaysia

Our newly revamped website has been awarded third place in Malaysia Website Award in August

September 29, 2020
renewable energy company malaysia visiting a place that collect and allocate necessities to underprivileged groups

Donations to Tainan Goods Bank

September 30, 2020
mid autumn festival for renewable energy company malaysia Nefin

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

October 21, 2020

The Installation of solar PV system on the rooftops of Green Union

October 25, 2020
vice principle sharing thoughts on solar panel in malaysia

Sharing from St. Paul’s College’s Vice Principal Mr. Wong Wai Hou