Sharing from St. Paul’s College’s Vice Principal Mr. Wong Wai Hou

photovoltaic system malaysia
The Installation of solar PV system on the rooftops of Green Union
10月 21, 2020
photovoltaic system malaysia
新勝大國際紙業與NEFIN集團合作 於馬來西亞共建綠色光伏項目
10月 27, 2020
solar panel malaysia

Sharing from St. Paul's College’s Vice Principal Mr. Wong Wai Hou


Published On: 26 October 2020

Our partner St. Paul's College’s (聖保羅書院)Vice Principal Mr. Wong Wai Hou shared his thoughts of collaborating with NEFIN.

"St. Paul's College is elated to team up with NEFIN which offers both professional and educational support for us to build the first phase of  rooftop solar panels.  It is envisaged that a wide range of student-driven programmes on green energy and solar panel design could be organised.
While we look forward to the second phase of development in our solar energy, it is our ultimate aim to train our students to become environmentally literate citizens with a commitment to sustainable development. Thanks to NEFIN for the incessant support.”

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