Of our 300 MW of delivered projects, here are some that we and our clients are most proud of. Having worked with clients in industries such as aviation, semiconductors, logistics and food & beverage, you will see that no project is too far from our reach.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China – LF
LF Logistics | 134 kW

The PV system is engineered to produce 145,000 kWh per annum to the grid. The system was installed at a height of 100m and was designed to withstand typhoon wind loads. The collaboration efficiently manages the carbon footprint of LF Logistics. It also exemplifies the feasibility of implementing energy-saving initiatives within a corporation.

Hong Kong, China – Saint Paul’s College
Saint Paul’s College | 10 kW

Installed as the first phase of a solar partnership with one of Hong Kong’s most recognised schools since its establishment in 1851. The system is part of an initiative to support student learning and inquiry into STEM, renewable energy and photovoltaic technology. SPC is the first educational institution in Hong Kong to have a joint solar development with NEFIN. The system will generate 10,400 kWh of clean energy per year.

Hong Kong, China – Electric
Hong Kong Electric Power Plant | 1 MW

The system was customised to withstand Typhoon T10 wind loads (wind speeds > 62.5 m/s) at 80m above sea level. The HKE system has also exhibited record-breaking yield performance of 1,327 kWh/kWp/year. A customised, non-penetrative mounting structure was used.

Hong Kong, China – The Park Lane Hong Kong, A Pullman Hotel
Park Lane Hong Kong, A Pullman Hotel | 10 kW

NEFIN and Park Lane Hotel completed the first phase of the solar energy collaboration project with the installation of the solar panels on the hotel’s rooftop. The solar PV system will collectively generate 10,493 kWh of clean energy per year, off-setting approximately 8,499 kg of carbon emissions annually.

Hong Kong, China – Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary
Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary| 126.4 kW

The 316 solar PV panels installed can generate approximately 152,559 kWh annually, offsetting 78 tons CO2 emission per year. The scale of this installation would be equivalent to planting 1,297 trees for the earth.

Hong Kong, China – Alliance Construction Materials Limited
Alliance Construction Materials Limited| 76.24 kW

The systems will generate 76,170 kWh electricity annually. From December, the electricity output will be able to offset a total of 39 tonnes CO2 per year, similar to planting extra 647 trees for Hong Kong.


Tesco Malaysia | 13.0 MW

The largest commercial PPA for solar in Malaysia when it was entered into, conducted as a joint venture between NEFIN and PETRONAS New Energy. Phase 1 of the Tesco project involves 15 stores across Malaysia in parallel. The project will generate 18 GWh of clean energy per year, a positive step towards Tesco Group achieving its 2050 zero-carbon goal.

Puratos Malaysia | 250 kW

This pioneering partnership between NEFIN and Puratos was cemented with the completion of the installation of 628 solar PV panels covering around 14,778 sq.ft. of rooftop areas on top of Puratos plant in Malaysia.

World’s Largest Semiconductor Company | 11.7 MW

This was the first large-scale solar leasing project in Malaysia when it was entered into. Solar panels were installed on both manufacturing facilities and carports. Project delivery was in line with stringent HSE requirements and FM Global requirements. Phase 2 of the project is currently ongoing.


World’s Largest Semiconductor Company | 300 kW

Carport system installed at the client’s largest R&D centre in Asia Pacific. The system was built on the topmost floor of a multi-story carpark, while still following stringent HSE requirements.

Bosch Nanjing | 10 MW

NEFIN was selected by Bosch to help them achieve their carbon neutrality goal. As the flagship project for Bosch in China, the system consists of ground-mounted, rooftop and carport systems. The 10 MW project was completed in only 5 months. This site is Bosch’s largest factory in Asia Pacific and their largest rooftop PV project.


MEKTEC | 810 kW

MEKTEC is a professional flexible printed circuit (FPC) company set up by Nippon MEKTRON in Taiwan. MEKTRON, as a pioneer in the FPC industry, holds 30% of the global market share. MEKTEC is part of Apple’s supply chain and advocates the adoption of renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint. NEFIN has installed solar panels on the rooftops of MEKTEC’s five sites in Taiwan and the installation was in line with stringent Japanese safety standards.

Taiwan-Green Union
Green Union | 256kW

The solar PV system with 256kW capacity can reduce approximately 160 tons of carbon emissions per year (equivalent to the carbon reduction of planting 16,128 trees).

Tainan Baihe Veteran’s Home | 954 kW

Safety, noise and fire risk management were emphasised during the bidding process of this project. NEFIN fully satisfied these requirements and overcame all engineering difficulties to deliver the project. Waterproofing of the roof was a key consideration during construction and was in line with the client’s fire regulations. During construction, NEFIN used a large-distance steel structure without damaging the original coloured steel mesh.

Yunlin Douliu Veteran’s Home | 304kW

Project safety was the priority during the bidding process. As many veterans would be using the space, additional safety lighting was added. NEFIN installed a scaffolding-type elevated solar PV system to optimise the use of space underneath the panels. Noise and safety management during the construction were prioritised in the government bidding.

Worldwide Logistics Services, Inc. Taoyuan Factory (Honda Logistics) | 1764.33kW

The solar project covers an area of approximately 13,562 square and offers a solar capacity of 1764.33kW, with an average annual power generation of 2,086,725 kWh. It will help reduce an average 1,104 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, which is equivalent to planting 111,203 trees.