NEFIN’s development of green energy accelerates Taiwan’s transition to net zero

October 11, 2022
NEFIN acquires Guangxi Energy with 50MW of solar PV development capacity from Ciel et Terre
October 26, 2022

NEFIN's development of green energy, lays out the carbon economy and accelerates Taiwan's transition to net zero


Published On: 12 October 2022

NEFIN's development of green energy, lays out the carbon economy and accelerates Taiwan's transition to net zero

Taiwan, 12 October 2022 –As the global awareness of carbon reduction heats up, more and more enterprises are deploying green energy policies in advance. NEFIN Group, a world-renowned renewable energy system solution, entered Taiwan in 2016, and cooperated with domestic enterprises to build a private solar power plant in Yunlin Taixi. Through stable green energy power supply, it helped customers or partners complete the carbon neutral layout, and accelerated Taiwan's move towards a net zero transformation.

The issue of global energy conservation and carbon reduction is becoming more and more popular; At the end of March, the National Development Commission announced Taiwan's 2050 net zero emission path and strategy, and the enterprise's energy conservation and emission reduction action strategy has become increasingly urgent. Taiwan, as the core cradle of high-tech manufacturing industry, under the challenge of "no ESG, no orders", the development of large independent green energy (solar or wind) power plants has also become an important option for Taiwan's energy policy. However, to develop hundreds of MW large power plants, it is necessary to cross two mountains. First, it is necessary to have experience in the construction of large sites, and second, it is necessary to have financial support and technical independence. Although most large plants have invested in green energy construction, the green power supply is lack of stable supply. NEFIN has cooperated with famous large factories in the world and has established operating sites in many countries to provide overall green energy solutions for the government and industry from case assessment, technical integration and engineering design.

Mr Glenn Lim, CEO of NEFIN, said that the government set the target of 20% renewable energy power generation in 2025 and 40-80 GW (Giga Watt, megawatt) solar capacity in 2050.

However, Taiwan's green energy power generation has not been stable enough to meet the demand for industrial electricity and carbon neutralization. NEFIN, funded by AC Energy Corporation ("ACEN"), has installed more than 3400 megawatts of utility scale, commercial and industrial renewable energy systems, which has sufficient advantages to develop green power.

Glenn recalled that when he first came to Taiwan six years ago, he talked about "carbon neutrality" and carbon rights with Taiwan's industry. At that time, there was no urgent atmosphere in Taiwan. Now, energy conservation and carbon reduction have become a new demand in the market. In addition, the European Union is expected to implement the implementation in 2026, and will impose carbon tariffs on imported goods; It has a great impact on more than 70% of Taiwan's export enterprises, and has found a breakthrough. Glenn, who was from DuPont, saw the green power crisis in Taiwan. He invested in large-scale green power construction and won market recognition step by step.

In addition to cooperating with Solarlink Energy in Taixi private solar power plant, NEFIN plans to build and maintain a large area of solar power plant, and also plans to cooperate with the industry to develop independent solar power plants from Yunlin, Pingdong to Huadong. Through long-term and stable power supply of solar energy, NEFIN helps customers to obtain green power transactions, build a management platform by using the blockchain, build a green power ecosystem, and enable more enterprises to participate in green business opportunities.

Mr Sam Lee, General Manager of NEFIN Taiwan, also said that a solar power plant with a capacity of more than 100 MW usually costs tens of billions of dollars to build, and only a few private equity investors can participate in the market. NEFIN has the core technology of large-scale solar power plants. From a set of green energy development mechanisms such as case assessment and analysis, technology integration, design and project construction, and solar energy financing scheme, it not only provides customers with OPEX leasing and self construction schemes. We also hope that through local feedback, we can develop green homes, symbiosis of fishing and electricity, drive local innovation and activate local economy.

Glenn also said, "The long-term green power supply mode that NEFIN wants to do will help Taiwan's transnational and large enterprises to obtain green power at a reasonable price and conduct carbon neutralization. At the same time, it will also help Taiwan to use renewable energy more effectively and layout the green economy through cooperative alliances and capital management.

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