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13 12 月, 2018
Nefin Solar panel developer success story
Our Success Story
17 12 月, 2018

NEFIN Speaks At HKU Workshop


With the grim forecast of the world’s future oil supply on the horizon, solar power could replace conventional forms of power generation. Solar will push the trend of safe, affordable, and reliable distributed energy. Hence, photovoltaics integrated into building roofs and structures will be a key component for the future city.

Over 100 participants from property developers, EPCs, scholars and NGOs were meeting at a RE workshop of Hong Kong University (HKU) on December 11 to discuss the best practices of transforming Hong Kong into a solar city. Organized by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of HKU, the workshop provided a platform for practitioners to discuss RE policies, industry standards, financial opportunities, and network with other like-minded players from different sectors. NEFIN is honoured to be able to speak at this function in an effort to provide guidance in assessing solar installation viability at a residential, business or community level.