NEFIN is actively advocating more Taiwan corporations to join the energy transition journey

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October 17, 2023
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NEFIN is actively advocating more Taiwan corporations to join the energy transition journey


Published On: 25 October 2023

Amid a surge in global electricity consumption, coupled with the pressing challenges of the epidemic and climate change, the Taiwanese government is increasingly prioritizing sustainable development through ESG (Environment Social Governance) initiatives.

Sam Lee, Managing Director of NEFIN Taiwan, revealed that NEFIN embarked its journey in Taiwan years back, assisting both multinational corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises in attaining their decarbonisation objectives by investing in rooftop photovoltaic projects. In recent years, we can see the trend that more companies have begun to embrace renewable energy and other green initiatives.

NEFIN is actively advocating more corporations to join this energy transition journey to align with Taiwan’s overarching goal of achieving net-zero emissions and ensuring a stable supply of green energy. Collaborating with international green energy organizations, NEFIN is on an expansion trajectory, broadening its range of customised carbon neutrality solutions. We are committed to developing large-scale power plants of hundreds of MW and researching transmission-scale battery energy storage systems, with the development of future large-scale solar energy storage projects as our main direction.

If you have land and business operations in Taiwan interested to install solar system to leverage on the renewable energy for savings, contact NEFIN now at or call 06-2826888. We will be happy to arrange and present a customised carbon neutral solution for you.

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