Leading Carbon Neutrality Solutions Provider, NEFIN, to Aid Global Manufacturing Partner WIK in 70% CO2 reduction

February 16, 2022
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March 1, 2022

Leading Carbon Neutrality Solutions Provider, NEFIN, to Aid Global Manufacturing Partner WIK in 70% CO2 reduction


Published On: 25 February 2022

Leading Carbon Neutrality Solutions Provider, NEFIN, to Aid Global Manufacturing Partner WIK in 70% CO2 reduction due to WIK’s solar plant and renewable energy supply.

NEFIN Group is set to champion carbon neutrality in the manufacturing sector, through collaboration with manufacturing partner WIK, on a rooftop solar panel system installation in their Shenzhen factory.

China, 24 February 2022 – The NEFIN Group’s repertoire of services comprise of cutting-edge solutions that allow their partners to consume clean energy and reach their sustainability goals. The company remains committed to bolstering its mission to create a carbon-free future for its stakeholders and the communities within which they operate in. Their partnership with WIK, global, full-service development and manufacturer, serves their mission to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the manufacturing sector.

NEFIN specialises in providing a bespoke unified energy management platform committed to achieving carbon neutrality for organizations. Having collectively delivered over 3,000MW of commercial and industrial renewable energy systems in their combined portfolio regionally, they are positioned to drive the endeavour towards carbon neutrality across projects of varying scales.

Mr. Glenn Lim, Chief Executive Officer of NEFIN Group, said, “The completion and success of this project in Shenzhen marks a significant step for the two companies. It is NEFIN’s mission to help manufacturing partners like WIK to achieve their sustainable development goals. There is also a potential expansion of this project in mainland China. Photovoltaic is the first step and we will be working with WIK to explore other solutions for carbon neutrality.”

WIK is a global manufacturing partner and system solutions provider to several leading multinational corporations. Most of the MNCs are advocates of Sustainability.

Mr Christoph Dörn, CEO of WIK, commented, "Our mission to advance the world from consumption to regeneration. Partnering with NEFIN to create a green energy solution in Shenzhen is a crucial piece of that puzzle. The regenerative solar panels that NEFIN has installed at our facility makes our production more sustainable, resulting in a more responsible product on the shelf that people can be proud to purchase."

WIK strives to further its corporate responsibility journey through the partnership with NEFIN, whose carbon neutral technologies and financing solutions will reinforce the companies' sustainability strategy. The strategy outlines areas of improvement which WIK aims to address in the coming year which includes a massive reduction in waste production and energy use, carbon neutrality for scope one and two emissions, and moving towards achieving a circular economy.

Mr Daniel Chua, Head of Global Sourcing of WIK, mentioned: “WIK has clear sustainability strategy and we are keen to explore with NEFIN to build additional solar plants to massively reduce the carbon footprint. NEFIN has proved to WIK that they are capable of delivering the project timely and using Photovoltaic system that is safe and of high quality. We hope this long-term partnership is able to help us achieve our sustainability goals with a positive impact to the ecosystem”

The NEFIN-WIK collaboration involves the instalment of 940 solar panels on the rooftop of their factory located in Shenzhen with a system capacity of 423kWp that is able to generate 524,846kWh of green energy annually. This project helps the global manufacturer to reduce its global energy carbon footprint by approximately 70% through the use of renewable energy. As WIK looks toward achieving its renewable energy goal for 2025, the integration of additional solar panel systems across their plants will also allow them to facilitate their client’s ESG goals as the economy transits towards more sustainable modes of conducting business.

About NEFIN Group
NEFIN Group is a regional renowned carbon neutrality solutions provider and investor with a bespoke unified energy management platform committed to achieve carbon neutrality for organizations and is backed by AC Energy. Founded by a core management team of DuPont Solar Business, the management team has grown into a well-rounded team of engineers, legal experts, investment bankers and techno-commercial experts with the combined experience of over 40+ years of project development in Asia and 50+ years of engineering experience. NEFIN Group has over 3000MW of utility-scale, commercial, and industrial rooftop solar systems in its combined portfolio regionally. As a strong cohesive team, NEFIN Group is able to offer a comprehensive 360-degree assessment and full-suite of services on socially responsible and commercially viable projects through innovative approaches to technology under its unified energy management platform. NEFIN believes the future of the world is everyone’s responsibility and strives to redefine energy boundaries towards a sustainable future.

About WIK
For over 70 years, WIK has been a leading manufacturer of household appliances and electronic devices, supplying their innovations to prominent brands. CEO Christoph Dörn is now leading WIK towards his sustainability-first vision: a completely circular manufacturing chain.
Beginning with ethically sourced recycled materials and ending with second-life planning for each product, WIK intends to become the global example for regenerative manufacturing. NEFIN is instrumental to this mission by supporting WIK's goal of achieving 100% renewable energy usage at all facilities by 2025.

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