NEFIN finances projects so that our C&I clients can move to renewable energy with immediate savings. We are always looking to expand our portfolio and invest in projects and new technologies which bring us closer to carbon neutrality.

Carbon Neutrality – Zero Upfront Cost

Many businesses are trying to cut costs, so allocating budget to achieve your carbon neutrality goals can be very difficult. To solve this, NEFIN is able to finance projects with zero upfront costs to the client. All that we require is a commitment to work with us. From there, we can devise the best structure for you to get started on your carbon neutrality journey while also making immediate savings.

Project Investment

Backed by equity from powerful institutions in the renewable energy sector, NEFIN also invests in renewable energy projects throughout Asia Pacific. Whether at the operational, shovel ready or early development phase, NEFIN can provide investment and technical consulting to deliver projects to the highest safety and quality standards.

Carbon Neutrality Partners

The renewable energy sector is growing quickly with new players and new technology. NEFIN is always on the lookout for capable and innovative partners who we think have potential in the industry. With our regional clients and experience, we can provide a foothold for our partners. Together, we hope to help each other leap ahead of the game in Asia Pacific.


NEFIN’s team has collectively delivered over 300 MW of solar projects globally. With one turnkey provider across their renewable energy portfolio, MNCs can simplify the process of going green.


The best time to start your journey to carbon neutrality is yesterday. Get in touch and we can help you find the best way to offset your carbon emissions.