Energy Efficiency Services

Dedicated to providing energy auditing services and implementation of energy efficient technology to optimise energy performance

Saving Your Energy

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Your facility needs a health check just like a person. Getting an Energy Audit is the first step to achieve your energy-saving goals.

Allow NEFIN to help you find the energy-saving opportunities ranging from zero-investment to minor retrofits or major overhauls. Your building deserves to receive accredited certification that can set your company apart and gives you a leading advantage. No matter what is the size of the building or where it is located, trust us to provide you with a customised solution.

NEFIN's Energy Services

NEFIN can offer the following services as a certified ESCO*:

  • Energy Audit
  • LEED Gap analysis
  • HVAC retrofits and refurbishment
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Energy Efficiency improvement projects
  • Facilitating the process of Energy Management Gold Standard (EMGS) and Green Building Index (GBI) certification

NEFIN’s team has collectively delivered over 300 MW of carbon neutral projects globally. With one turnkey provider across their renewable energy portfolio, MNCs can simplify the process of going green.


The best time to start your journey to carbon neutrality is yesterday. Get in touch and we can help you find the best way to offset your carbon emissions.