Webinar – Emerging Solar Market: Malaysia

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Media Interview with Bosch and NEFIN
July 28, 2020
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July 30, 2020
meeting on exponential growth of rooftop solar panel in Malaysia

Webinar - Emerging Solar Market: Malaysia


Published On: 29 July 2020

We had a successful panel discussion yesterday, 29 July 2020, with Goodwe Solar and Maqo Engineering, on the continuing exponential growth of rooftop solar in Malaysia’s roadmap to achieve 20% of renewable energy by 2025 in the live e-session on Emerging Solar Markets: Malaysia. Our MY Managing Partner, Mr. Bor Hung Chong shared his views about SEDA Malaysia and MIDA, among others, which are hugely supportive of the renewable energy business. Follow us and keep a look out for our short clips of the live sessions panel discussion in the coming week!

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