August 27, 2020
impactHK receives 1000 mask donation from renewable energy company malaysia

NEFIN donates 1000 face masks to ImpactHK

August 26, 2020
Malaysia executive discuss about the future of renewable energy trend in Hong Kong

Webinar – Future of Energy

August 23, 2020
Green Council Corporate Membership for for Solar Panel Company

Green Council Corporate Member 2020-2021

August 9, 2020
Exponential Growth Of Rooftop Solar panel in malaysia

Webinar – Continuing Exponential Growth Of Rooftop Solar

August 9, 2020
renewable energy company raya celebration poster

Raya Haji 2020

July 30, 2020
hiring fresh graduates in renewable energy company in Malaysia

Be One of the NEFINers

July 29, 2020
meeting on exponential growth of rooftop solar panel in Malaysia

Webinar – Emerging Solar Market: Malaysia

July 28, 2020
media interview with renewable energy company malaysia and Bosch

Media Interview with Bosch and NEFIN

July 27, 2020
3rd phase of HK Electric Solar Panel Project for malaysia

HK Electric Solar Project 3rd Phase Completed