Project Video of Puratos Malaysia Rooftop Solar PV System

Climathon by HKU FinTech Society and Hackathon Society
November 17, 2020
NEFIN Partners with Puratos to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2025 Puratos Plant in Malaysia Rooftop installation of 628 Solar Panels
November 20, 2020


Project Video of Puratos Malaysia Rooftop Solar PV System


Published On: 19 November 2020

As a carbon neutrality solution provider, #NEFIN always partners with organizations that aim to achieve carbon neutrality to create a green and sustainable environment for the future. #Puratos Group is one of the companies at the forefront that actively embraces sustainability measures to reduce and offset their carbon footprint. It is NEFIN's pleasure to be Puratos’ committed global partner on their road to achieve carbon neutrality and we are proud of our team’s efforts to complete the project timely in spite of the COVID challenges. Check out the project video jointly produced by NEFIN and Puratos on the completed project!

Kindly visit our website: or contact us at if you are interested to find out more about achieving carbon neutrality for your company.

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