Project Development

Our Competitive Edge

Over the last decade, NEFIN has been committed to environmental and business sustainability by providing high performance solar energy solutions to business owners in the utility, commercial and residential markets.

Solar Competence

Our strengths are demonstrated in our vast project experiences, with full understanding of local permits & documentation processes, system design optimization, project management expertise, asset management know-how, and savvy and robust financing services.

Global Reach

Built on a solid foundation of integrity and innovation, our operations span three cities, with projects developed in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the key cities in Mainland China, helping the communities to transform the sun’s potential into clean, efficient energy the world needs to strives.

Financing Models

Go Solar with ZERO Capital Investment

At NEFIN, we aim to provide flexible solar financing options that are well-suited to meet your sustainability goals, business budget and needs, so that you can enjoy the benefits of solar without having to bear any capital investment.

ZERO Upfront Investment|We install the system entirely at our own cost.

ZERO Maintenance Cost|We maintain the system throughout the agreement term.

ZERO Hassle|The system runs concurrently and seamlessly with the Grid.

ZERO Regulatory Worries|We take care all the regulatory process and approvals at our own cost.

Earn Green Credits|We invest to help you achieve your sustainability missions.

CAPEX Option

OPEX Option

Project Development

Project Financing

Successful project financing can maximize equity returns and protect your asset. Our financing models give you reliable investment option tailored to your needs.

Permit and Documentation

All project permits and documentation are accomplished in accordance to local technical and safety standards, as well as NEFIN’s requirements.

Bespoke Solar Architect

We bring together industry-leading expertise and the latest PV innovations to offer you a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions and services that is tailored for your premises, optimizing your sustainable investments.

Project Management

Safety and quality are of utmost importance to us. We ensure the competence of all construction personnel and efficient workflow to achieve consistency and quality.

Asset Management

Ease and safety of operations and maintenance (O&M) are our priority. With our system optimization during O&M, we ensure greater performance ratio (PR) over system lifetime.

Asset Management

By leveraging best practices of various solar technologies proven effective by ample track record, NEFIN continues to manage solar assets after commissioning throughout the system lifetime. Through our asset management services, our clients receive greater returns on the solar systems with no worries or additional overhead costs.

World Class Engineering

Our experience in engineering design, our focus in component selection down to every detail, the rigor we impose on installation quality and the depth of our monitoring & maintenance capabilities enable us to delivery outstanding quality across industries and countries

Safety First!

Safety is at the core of our company values, with everyone from the new laborer on site to the company’s senior management treating it as the number one .priority. The full suite of policies, SOP’s, SWP’s and controls are in place and enforced as we know how critical everybody’s safety is. We also ensure the competence of all construction personnel, and simplify workflow to maximize consistency and quality