With our extended professional background and expertise in offering tailored solar solutions for land and facility owners and investors, we stand at the forefront in providing total solutions that will help you optimize your financial returns.

Project Financing

Whether to set up a solar system with ZERO investment or buy your own one, we offer flexible options for your business to go solar.

Bespoke Project Development

By utilizing our vast experience in designing commercial solar systems, we ensure safety and high quality green energy while controlling costs.

Asset Management

Our full operation and maintenance services allow real-time system monitoring in our app. We can talk to your system remotely and diagnose any faults throughout its lifetime.



We strive to be the most trusted partner by consistently delivering excellence – bringing together the knowledge, expertise and skills of our solar experts from across our global network to maximize your return on investment.

Our Edge

Our innovative approach to solar gives you an industry leading consultation with solutions from financing a project, to designing and managing a system that is tailored for your business.

One-Stop Services

From site feasibility analysis through design, construction until final project commissioning. We strive to achieve the highest levels of optimization and quality in our solar systems as well as our processes.

Asset Management

By leveraging best practices of solar technologies, NEFIN continues to manage solar assets after commissioning throughout the system lifetime. Our clients receive greater returns with no worries or additional overhead costs.


MW / solar installation capacity


GWh / power supply per year


tons / carbon reduction per year


thousand trees / planted


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